Ataturk Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Babies 2020 — Northern Blue-tongue Skinks

Updated on August 5th, 2008

Last of the 2020 babies available for sale. These are all pure Northern BTs (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

I have a few hold-backs and late arrivals going up for sale. (As I typically use 2 or 3 different males to breed each female, I am not certain of the father. Next year I plan to match a single male to each female so I will know the identity of each parent with certainty.)

1. Babies coded as ‘A’ babies — which are hold-backs from the mother Athena. (Born May 25th, 2020)

2. Baby coded as a ‘C’ baby — which is a hold-back from Cybele. This is the only remaining baby from that litter. (Born May 29th, 2020)

3. Babies coded as ‘S’ babies — these are the last 3 babies available from Selena. (born 5-20-20)

4. Babies coded as ‘T’ babies — The mother is Tethys and she only had 4 babies but they were all quite huge at birth! (7-12-20)

All the babies are 12 to 14 inches in length — some size difference due to dates of birth, etc.

All babies are aggressive feeders feeding on hopper mice; Dubia roaches; and occasionally some cat food, peas, small amount of fruit. At this age I keep the diet high in protein and calcium by feeding 50% or more of hopper mice. (The babies can get metabolic bone disease from eating too much cat and dog food as its difficult to get calcium levels exactly right. I do use calcium with D3 when feeding high quality grain-free cat foods.)

I currently have 9 babies left for this year.


Cybele baby. Just over 12 in. in length.


Athena Baby A1. 13 in.




A2 baby again, showing whole skink.


A4 — Athena hold-back baby. 13 in.


This is A4 again! Not T4.


S2 is a Selena baby.


S2 again.


S4 is a Selena baby. Note it has a stub tail.


S4. Stub tail was bitten by sibling in first week. Now healed with some regeneration.


S7. Selena baby about 14 in. in length.


S7 again.


T3. Tethys baby. Born late but at a very large size. Over 12 in. on 8-05-20


T4. Tethys Baby. Large for age.


After these babies are gone that will be it. I am hoping to sell these locally in Northern California around 12th of August. I can also ship from Monterey, CA. around that same date.



Older postings and photos below:


I am adding photos of this year’s babies regularly so check back often. Photos of the first three litters are posted below. Last litter were photographed on 6/29/20.

Northern BT babies start out rather dark and it is only after several sheds that you can begin to get a sense of their eventual colors and patterns. Patterns begin to be discernible before the adult colors.

The mother’s colors and patterns are probably the best indicator of what babies will look like as adults. (I typically use 2 males as breeders with each female so it is not always clear which is the father of any individual.)

You can email me at:    if you would like to buy one or have questions about them.

Elektra’s babies are entering their second shed and I posted photos below. Here they are eating a cat food concoction a couple of days after their birth.

As of 6/29/20 — most of Elektra’s babies have been sold. A couple of Selena babies are left; several Athena and Cybele babies are left from the last 2 litters.




Elektra’s Babies at the Trough


Elektra and babies – 5/13/20


Unfortunately, these babies from Elektra were just going into their second shed when I took their photos on June 1st. They are a little darker during the shed but will come out looking much sharper and bolder when they slough off the old skin.


These three are ready to go to new homes and they are labeled E1, E2 and E3. All are about 9-inches in length now. These 3 older babies are $350 each.


E1 on June 1, 2020. 17 days old.


E1 on 6/01/20


E1 — about 9-inches in length at 17 days of age.


This is baby E2. Also, just going into its second shed.


E2 on June 01, 2020; Elektra is the mom.


E2 is about 9 inches in length at 17 days.


Sibling E3 is about the same size as its two siblings.


E3 is a sibling of E1 and E2.


E3 born on May 13, 2020.


E3 stretching out for the ruler. Roughly 9-inches in length.



Selena’s younger mob, half of which are pictured below, are on the verge of their first shed. I’ve added photos below of 2 babies that are both ready to go. (Several have already sold.)

Selena’s babies are $300 each. I have two other younger litters — less than a week old as of June 1st. They need another week or two of feeding to get them ready to go. They are also $300 each. I’ll add photos after their first shed.


Selena’s Babies take a Soak


Half of Selena’s Mob


4 of Selena’s Babies


Selena’s babies, labeled as S1 & S2. They are ready to go. Just under two weeks of age when these photos were taken. They’ve just shed once. Both are just under 8 inches in length.


This is S1, one of Selena’s babies.


Selena baby S2
S2 on June 2, 2020


Athena’s babies were born on the 25th and they are still small and dark at the moment. In about a week or so I can photograph them as well. Cybele produced a small litter on May 29th. Waiting on one other female.


Here are photos taken on June 29th of Athena’s babies.


Baby A1 on 6/29/20



A2 baby about to shed



A3 after a shed



A4 on 6/29/20 pre-shed