Interested in Purchasing a Skink from Lizard Cafe?

Currently, I’m mainly selling my skinks through MorphMarket as I receive more visitors at a large commercial site than directly to my own website.

Primarily, I use this site to post articles on the care, feeding, and behavior of blue-tongue skinks. It also allows me to post better photos and video — MorphMarket is very clumsy with media.

You can inquire about purchasing a skink by writing me at:

This is my store on MorphMarket if you want to see what I have listed there:

Lizard Cafe on MorphMarket

As to payments, I accept PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, cash (in person), U.S. postal money orders (no other money orders or bank checks as there’s just too many scams out there).

Local pickup in the SF Bay Area, San Leandro, Berkeley, Oakland, Stockton, San Andreas and possibly other Northern California locations is an option. Otherwise, shipping with FedEx overnight priority mail is the mainstay.

Thank you!

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