Breeding Pairs of Northern Blue-Tongue Skinks — February 2021

Here are photographs of some of my breeding pairs for February 2021. Expecting babies from many of the females starting in mid May. ‘Pregnancy’ typical lasts around 100-110 days.



skinks mating
Ataturk (male) breeding with Sarandon – Feb. 2, 2021



Eos and Tecumseh breeding
Tecumseh (male with stub-tail) breeding Eos. Feb. 5, 2021



Sigorney and Solaris
Solaris (male) breeding Sigorney on Jan. 31, 2021



Ataturk and Glycon
Atatruk (male) breeding Glycon on Feb. 6th, 2021



Ataturk and Sarandon
Ataturk (male) breeding Sarandon on Feb. 8th, 2021



Vulcan (male) breeding IO on Feb 6th, 2021



Joe Strummer and Zoya
Joe Strummer (male) gripping Zoya – Feb. 8th, 2021



Vlad and Uluru
Vlad (male) breeding Uluru on Feb. 6th, 2021



Vlad (male) breeding Zoya — Feb. 8th, 2021



Ataturk (male) breeding Glycon – Feb. 10th, 2021



Greta and Vlad
Vlad breeding Greta on Feb. 10th, 2021. Vlad has a very rubbed nose from trying to escape his enclosure to get to females during breeding season. It will heal in March.


Vulcan and Io
Vulcan (male) breeding IO — Feb. 10th, 2021



Selene and Vulcan
Selene (female on left) and Vulcan in ‘courtship’ – Feb. 12th, 2021



Tecumseh (male on right) courting Margulis – Feb. 10th, 2021



Ataturk breeding Tulsi – Feb. 12th, 2021



Joe Strummer and Uluru
Joe Strummer (male) and Uluru – Feb. 10th, 2021. Uluru has notably chewed shoulders from the male biting her. It will heal but could leave scars.



Harlan (male) breeding Uluru – Feb. 12th, 2021