Northern Blue-tongue Skink Breeding 2020 — A Review in Photos

Looking back at some of the skink breedings from February 2020 until babies appeared in May 2020.


Harlan, a copper phase, breeding Io, a platinum phase. (Io was born lacking most of her black and color pigments with faint banding; her parents are normal Northern blue-tongues.)


Harlan and Io on 2/04/20


Vlad successfully mating Elektra



Vlad and Elektra 2/03/20


Harlan beginning his mating approach to Selena by seizing her tail.



Harlan (left); Selene (right)


Zoya, a young female from Europe, mated by Ajax, an ancient male (about 15 years old) from Florida.


Zoya and Ajax – 2/05/20



Cybele and Yosemite Sam



Zoya and Harlan – 2/03/20


Selena on May 19th — right before she gave birth to her 7 babies.


Selena the Day Before She Gave Birth


The first babies appeared on May 13 when Elektra gave birth to 8 healthy babies. On May 20th Selena gave birth to 7 healthy babies.


Elektra and babies – 5/13/20