Ideal Habitat for Adult Northern Blue-tongue Skink

This is a habitat setup that someone designed for one of my adult Northern blue-tongue skinks. The combination of hides, basking platform and faux foliage makes for a very aesthetically pleasing terrarium. My only recommendation is to use a much larger

water bowl. I use dog feeding bowls that are 9-inches in diameter and 4-inches deep filled with water for adult blue-tongues. Heavy ceramic bowls are perfect. The skinks will immerse themselves in the bowl, often right before going into a shed.

They will also use the water bowl as a toilet! — which is sometimes helpful in keeping the tank clean and sometimes unpleasant to empty.

The terrarium does not need to have as much vertical space as this one does since blue-tongues are primarily ground-based. However, there is nothing wrong with a high tank if you prefer that setup as it offers a better view and is easier to clean and offer food.

If you use a UV bulb in conjunction with a basking spotlight, just be sure that it is not

too close to the skink. Blue-tongues will often bask in the morning in the wild, but they are not chuckwallas or uromastyx type lizards that require large amounts of heat and UV spectrum light for health.

UV that is too intense because the bulb is too strong and/or too close can actually damage your blue-tongue skink, especially the eyes. Bulbs can be used with timers to offer a few hours of basking in the morning.

The warm end of the tank can range in the low to mid 90s F. and the cool end mid 70s to low 80s. Blue-tongues are diurnal and a nighttime drop to low 70s is fine for an active Northern blue-tongue skink.



Reptile habitat for Northern blue-tongue skink
Northern Blue-tongue Habitat — Designed by Jessica

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