Northern Bluetongue Skink Babies – 2021 All-Stars

Baby photos and prices are posted below. I’m posting photos of the parents first so you can see potential adult colors. Posting 3 litters that are ready to go to new homes now. Three more litters from different parents will be posted in two weeks after the babies have a chance to eat, grow, and shed.


Litter One: Parents — Selene and Solaris. Selene is 3-years old and this is her second year producing babies. Solaris was 18-months old when he bred in February; this was his first year breeding. As buyers pay for baby skinks, I will remove their photos since they are no longer available. I am adding babies from a 4th litter today (June 5th) at bottom of the page.


Selene — Mom


Solaris — Father


Litter Two: Tulsi and Ataturk. Tulsi is 3-years old. She bred last year but didn’t produce babies so this is her first litter. Ataturk was nearly 2-years old when he bred this February. This is his first year breeding. Tulsi was produced by my skinks, and Ataturk is out of a “jet black” lineage produced elsewhere.


Tulsi — Mom


Ataturk — Father


Litter 3: Elektra and Vulcan. Elektra is 3 years old and this is her second litter. Vulcan bred for the first time this year. He was 19-months old during breeding season.


Elektra — Mom — with her first litter of babies


Vulcan — Father


Babies with the designation SE were produced by Selene; babies with EK were produced by Elektra; babies with TU were produced Tulsi and Ataturk. Selene’s babies have not shed yet. The color will improve dramatically after the first shed, and continue brightening through at least the first half dozen sheds. Hard to be sure of the adult colors until they are several months old. SE2 has a slight bite on the head from a sibling with a bad attitude. She/he is fine and it will heal completely.




SE3 – $375


SE4 — $300 — ON HOLD for A


SE5 – $350


SE6 – $395


SE7 — $350


SE9 — $350


Tulsi’s babies were going through their first shed as I was photographing them. All that dead skin is sloughing off, and their new and improved paint job is peeking through. It looks as if they are going to take after their father, Ataturk, in terms of strong contrasts in the banding, with jet black and burnt orange. However, that’s a bit of a guess since they have only gone through their very first shed.



TU2 – $350


TU3 – $350  ON HOLD for K


TU4 – $395





We have all probably suffered through unpleasant roommates and/or siblings. Usually they just steal your food from the fridge or ruin your clothes. In this case, there was a remarkably young belligerent who nipped the end of the tail off. Normally it is fine to keep litters together for a couple of weeks, as long as there is space, multiple hides, and plenty of food. In this case, however, the mayhem started after a couple of days, far earlier than I’ve ever seen before. They are all separated now and I have a suspect, but no one is talking. The tip of tail should regenerate but it will not be as good as new; it will be a different color. The skink itself is fine. The price is marked down only because of the tail damage.


SE8 — $250 – ON HOLD for R.


Elektra is the mother of litter 3 (actually the first litter born). Her babies have initials — EK. They are just completing their first — still some dead skin sloughing off their heads.


EK1 – $375


EK2 – $395





New litter born May 20th, 2021. Parents are Sigorney and Solaris. Sigorney has extensive background information on her genealogy that I have posted on the Female Northerns 2021 page. She was born 2019 so this is her first year breeding. Solaris was produced by me from the Fire Opal lineage, and he was also born in 2019.


SIGORNEY – Female – Born 2019.


Solaris — ‘Fire Opal’ line


To be honest, the babies change so much as they shed and mature that I am far from certain that SG1 is going to be the ‘prettier’ of the two. Most likely they both should be knockouts based on their parents. This litter was born May 20th, 2021.


SG1 — Mom is Sigorney. Dad Solaris. $395


SG2 — Mom is Sigorney and Dad Solaris.$300



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